How to Pick Out and Set Up a New Bow

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How to Pick Out and Set Up a New Bow

by Jerry Ike Elliott of Ikes – reposted by Jason from with permission from Jerry.

Comment by Jason from– Hopefully, most of you have your bows bought, tuned, tested, and ready for archery season.  AND most of you hopefully have even been out practicing with your bow.   BUT, I know that some of you have not and are running behind and bow hunting season is rapidly approaching.  So, we saw these 2 short videos and though that they would help you.  They are made by Jerry Ike Elliot of Ikes   He recorded this great 2 video series of How to Pick Out and Set Up a New Bow last year.  We decided to repost it here (with permission, of course), since there is great information in it. 

This video is the first in a series of videos by Ike’s Outdoors that will help you pick out and set-up a new bow. This particular video shows you what you need to look for when selecting the bow that is perfect for you, and will help you make an educated decision when you do decide to purchase a new or used bow.

This is the 2nd video in our Bow Buying Tips series. This video shows you what to look for to make sure a used bow is mechanically sound and safe to use. It’s also a good guide to use to make sure the bow you are buying is worth the money spent.

Thank you, Jerry Ike Elliott of Ikes

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