The Top & Most Influential Hunting Blogs

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The Top & Most Influential Hunting Blogs

Here is an UPDATE to our very popular post.  And don’t forget to click ‘LIKE’ if you want to see more great posts like this! –  – One of the bloggers that we wanted to feature on our list,  Jay Say from Wired Outdoors, was off in Texas hunting at the time.  After his hunt, we were able to catch up with him and updated our list with his information…

When planning our launch for the Game Glide ultra light deer sled, we decided to have a Blog on our website to help keep us in touch with you, the hunters.  We felt that the blog would help us to entertain you, while keeping you posted about the cool stuff that is going on with the Game Glide and to help us to get your feedback about it.

After making this decision, we realized that we didn’t know much about blogging, so we started reading other blogs.  We found a number of blogs that we really liked due to the quality of their posts and the entertainment/information that they provided to us.

We compiled a list of our favorites and some of the most popular ones on the web for you.  The criteria for inclusion on this list is not scientific. The order of this list in NOT important.  We didn’t want to rate the blogs becuase they appeal to us and others in different ways, so we are ordering them below in the order that they responded to our request to provide us with a one line summary of their blog and a short quote about why it is successful…

In our opinion, these are ‘The Top & Most Influential Hunting Blogs’:

  • Wired Outdoors Blog  and Wired Outdoors on Facebook – Jay Say described his sites as,
  • The Black Bear Blog – Tom from The Black Bear Blog responded,
    •  “The Black Bear Blog is perhaps the only website with as strong a focus on hunting and environmental politics – outdoor punditry at its finest.”
    • Success? “Ten years of continuous banging out articles on my keyboard producing what I believe to be quality content that readers want.”
  • The Women’s Outdoor News – Barbara from W.O.N. wrote,
    •  “The Women’s Outdoor News, aka The WON, offers news, reviews and stories about women in the outdoors in a weblog platform that allows readers to comment immediately on the wide variety of posts at the site.
    • One of the reasons for its success is attributed to its depth of content, contributed by a team of outdoor writers and photographers. Although we focus heavily on traditional outdoor activities –shooting, hunting, fishing and archery — we also feature kayakers, geo-cachers and just anyone who promotes the outdoor spirit and who is an inspiration to others to get outside and get active…”
  • – Dennis from added,
    • is the world’s largest hunting blog that provides exclusive social media, mobile apps, and web consulting information to hunters & hunting businesses.  FieldJournals has emerged as the leading hunting blog known for providing in-depth analysis of social media technologies for hunters, developing news stories, and web information.  FieldJournals provides website, social media, mobile apps, marketing and business plan consulting for all hunting and outdoors websites.”
    • is also a leading marketing and communications firm for outdoors businesses. We create financial success for our clients through a variety of solutions and services…”
  • – Rudy from commented, 
    • is a deer hunting documentary filming America’s hunters, one at a time.”
    • “Ordinary local hunters nationwide, love being the stars of Huntography. Being a Huntographer, I capture their authentic hunting experiences and unique traditions on camera as naturally as I can and share it with the world. The pride and joy of seeing themselves on camera is priceless.”
  • – Kevin from described his site as,
    • is an international news source for hunting, conservation and the pursuit of a well lived life.”
    • has been successful in the outdoor and blog world because we have never been hesitant to help people spread the word of the North American Conservation Model and on the internet and publishing world, Great Content trumps all else.”
    • “On any outdoor blog, content and consistency are the most powerful ways to be successful.”
  • A Mindful Carnivore – Tovar from A Mindful Carnivore wrote,
    • A Mindful Carnivore is my way, as a vegan-turned-hunter, of sharing thoughts and stories about human relationships with animals, food, and nature.”
    • Success: “Why is my blog successful? I would have to ask my readers! In part, I suspect it’s because (1) my perspective is unusual and (2) I bring up topics in ways that get folks thinking about other viewpoints.”
  • – Chris from responded,
    • is “The premier online resource for outdoor sportsman, hunting, fishing, news and social network.”
    • “I believe we have been successful in connecting with our followers because we blog about important sportsman issues and always try to present both sides. We also try to reach beyond our niche and blog about other outdoor topics. We recently launched our #PowerHunter series which has had some great feedback.
  • Hunting Business – Dayne from Hunting Business Marketing responded,
  • – Adam from wrote,
    • is for people who love chasing big whitetail bucks and spending time in the great outdoors with family and friends.”
    • is successful because hunting whitetails is an American heritage that is in our bones.”
  • TheHunter’ – Jody from The Hunter’s Wife wrote,
    •  “The Hunter’s Wife is a blog about hunting, fishing, and outdoor humor from the wife of an avid outdoorsmen.”
    • “I would have to give my readers and other blogs credit for a big part of The Hunter’s Wife success.  They given me a lot of material over the years and I’m very thankful to them for being a part of my blog.  If I could list one thing that would help other bloggers, it would be to be yourself and add a little of your personality to everything you write.”
  • Ike’s – Jerry (aka. Ike) from Ike’s Outdoors commented,
    • Our Video Blog is dedicated to helping archers choose the right equipment and to help teach different aspect of the sport.
    • Our Video Blog is successful because we provide an unbiased look at archery product as well as in depth reviews of those products. Our bow tuning and how-to videos aim to help archers with everyday bow mechanics as well as helpful tips for the field. We are blue collar guys with a passion for hunting and that comes through in the videos.
In closing, I would like to sincerely thank all of the bloggers for their time and effort in providing great content for us all and to thank them for taking the time to provide us with great insight into their blogs!!

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  1. Thank you so much for including my blog. I’m honored to be included along with a great group of outdoor blogs and bloggers!

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    Thanks you for including us in this list. It looks like we are in good company.


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a result of your list, I will be visiting more blogs about hunting! What a treat to get in the mix!

  4. Lots of good info .

  5. Adam says:

    Thank you so much for including DHBB in this list of great blogs. I am honored to be included with such great company. Thanks again!