The Game Glide deer sled and Two Great Shots!

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Thanks to D.K for submitting a great story and pictures of her hunting success in Illinois!  I will let her tell her story in her own words:

“So yesterday morning I killed two Illinois Deer and figured what better time to try  out the Game Glide than on this Big Illinois Whitetail Doe.
I pulled the Game Glide out of my pants pocket and then realized I didnt have my reading glasses to follow the instructions. Ya know Just another senior blonde moment 🙂 
Well I found I could follow the illustrations in the instructions without my reading glasses and proceeded to load the doe on the Game Glide per the illustrations.
After I had the doe loaded on the Game Glide and had my pull rope attached I started my pulling. Now as you can see I was having to glide her out of a pretty thick area chocked full of thorn covered multi flora rose bushes and alot of ground debris. Now that I am quickly approaching the age of 50 with a bad shoulder and having suffered a partial finger amputation at work makes for not the easiest for me to drag deer these days.
I found the Game Glide to ease the dragging process, I didnt feel as much pain in my shoulder using the Game Glide as opposed to dragging a deer without the Game Glide and it seemed much easier to drag the doe over downed logs and branches using the Game Glide. I bet it will be easier to drag deer out with the Game Glide when there will be a little snow on the ground to.;)
After we got the deer out I found you can wash off the Game Glide and fold it back up and the Game Glide appears to be in great condition to reuse it again.
That was a heart shot on that Big Illinois Doe and a double lung on the other deer and they dropped dead within 6 feet of each other…. YEP EEEEE !!!!!!!!”
D.K. – Thank you very much for the photos and for the story.  Congrats!

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