SOLD- UHMW-PE Plastic Film Surplus For Sale

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SOLD-the UHMW – PE plastic film has been sold! Thanks!

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Awesome deal on surplus UHMW-PE plastic film!.  We were testing all of the coolest hi-tech materials out there to optimize the performance of the Game Glide, during our product development.

The overall dimensions of the remainder of the roll are:  0.005 inch x 25 inch x 415 ft.

We tested peices of this material during our early product development.  While the product is in perfect condition, it just did not meet the needs of our product.  The overall dimensions of the roll are:  0.005 inch x 25 inch x 415 ft.

The roll of is one continuous roll of approximately 415ft of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW PE) film in natural translucent color.  It was bought from Crown Plastics.  They are a top manufacturer of UHMWPE.

  • The thickness is 0.005 inch thick (aka. 5/1000inch or 5mil).
  • The material is 25 inches wide.
  • The overall dimensions of the roll are:  0.005 inch x 25 inch x 415 ft (0.0127cm X 63.5cm X 12649cm).

There probably a bit more than 415ft on the roll (using a roll length calculator).  Since I am not sure how much, I would rather underestimate to give you an even BETTER deal.

This is a great opportunity for someone to get a great bargain for some top notch hi-tech material.  I am selling this material at a loss, because we dont need it and it is just taking up space.  At McMaster Carr, the material goes for $3.25 per sq.ft.

More technical information about the product is listed below or it can be found at

If you need more information or are interested in making me an offer.  You can contact me via email or on Twitter: @GameGlide.

And deer hunters please be patient, the Game Glide will be out soon!  It is the hottest new deer drag aid.  It makes dragging deer up to 46% easier.

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