Accept the Challenge TV – Hog Hunt

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Using the Game Glide on a Hog

Here are a couple of photos of  Scott Caroll and Brad Frost of Archery Adventures, Accept the Challenge TV after a successful Hog Hunt using the Game Glide.6 accept-the-challenge-tv-w-hog-2 

About  Archery Adventures, Accept the Challenge TV,

“Archery Adventures, in association with Higher Frequency Productions, is proud to announce the airing of our 3rd season, “Accept the Challenge.”

Scott Carroll and Brad Frost will take you from Africa to Wyoming in pursuit of some of the world’s finest animals.  While bow hunting will still represent the majority of our hunts, we do realize there are times when bow hunting is just not practical.  Whether it’s the terrain, the weather, the animal being hunted, the physical condition of the hunter, or at times it may not always be legal to bow hunt, it’s always an adventure.  We also realize there are a lot of hunters that enjoy rifle, pistol and muzzle loading hunting just as much as bow hunting… “

To learn more about Archery Adventures, Accept the Challenge TV, please visit their website:

6 accept-the-challenge-tv-w-hog-1

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