Game Glide Deer Sled Instructions for Use

Game Glide™ PATENTED

(Download Game Glide Deer Sled Instructions for Use Here)

1. Complete the field dressing of your harvested animal and then lay it on its side.

2. Attach your deer drag to the animal in accordance with drag manufacturer’s recommendations.  The standard Game Glide package DOES NOT include a deer drag.  Drags ARE provided with Drag-N-Sled™ packages.

NOTE:  Your existing deer drag rope is indicated with an ‘E’ in the images.

NOTE:  The Game Glide is to be used WITH your existing deer drag, not in place of it.

3. Completely unfold the Game Glide deer sled and its strings.

4. Lay the Game Glide on the ground along the back of your animal.  The logos should be visible, facing up.

NOTE:  Be sure to keep the Red string high on the neck of the animal and the Orange strings near the stomach.

NOTE:  In the images, the Red string is indicated with a ‘1’ and the Orange strings are indicated with ‘2’ and ‘3’.

5. Roll the animal over onto its other side and onto the Game Glide.  Make sure that the Game Glide is between the hide of the animal and the ground, covering the majority of the bottom of the hide.

6. Firmly, tie the Red string (‘1’) high around the animal’s neck.

7. Firmly, tie the Orange strings (‘2’ and ‘3’) around the animal’s stomach area.

NOTE: An easy key for remembering where the Red String is to be positioned is:  “Red = Neck”.

NOTE: If desired, the excess length on the Red string can be tied around an antler or the animals jaw to further lock the Game Glide onto animal.

Now, you are ready to ‘Glide’!


Recycle:  The Tough&Slick™ sheet material of the Game Glide is recyclable.  When you have completed using the Game Glide, please dispose of the ropes and recycle the Tough&Slick plastic sheet.  

Disclaimer: The Game Glide is made for single-use in standard hunting field conditions, not for extreme terrain (such as gravel roads, extreme sharp rock/brush conditions, or hard road surfaces).  Use in such extreme conditions may seriously damage your unit.

GrandView Solutions, LLC. is not responsible for damage done to the Game Glide by the purchaser when such damage is deemed to be caused by misuse or by not following the directions.

Physician’s Warning: The Game Glide is a device that is designed to lower drag coefficients.  It is not intended to entirely prevent muscular or cardiovascular strain, which may result in serious injury or death.