Game Glide Deer Sled Reviews and Testimonials

  • Joe from Chasing Tail Outdoors:  “I would also like to thank you for a great product. This past season we had the track and later drag of a lifetime. Covering 1.2 miles (retraced with google earth) and crossing several creeks, up and down some of the steepest terrain Indiana has to offer the Game Glide did awesome…  I wish I would have taken the camera along for the recovery of the animal which was a magnificent 9pt scoring green in the 160’s.  However the wet weather and uncertainty of the track had me keeping the camera in the truck.”
  • Parsons Outdoors via Facebook – “Got to use my Game Glide this morning on a big “Freezer Queen” of a doe. Drug her nearly 1,345 yards uphill.  She was 140 lbs and she felt like nothing. Thanks Game Glide for an awesome product!!!”
  • I used the Game Glide this year on a deer and it worked great. It took me 1/2 the time to drag the deer out than without.   I still had tags for the area I was hunting so I washed the Game Glide off at camp, let it dry overnight and rolled it back up into my pack.  Two days later, a guy in our camp shot a 459 lbs. Black Bear. We were 200 yards downhill from the logging road… We used two Game Glides together (mine and my brother-in-laws) to move the bear the 200 yards uphill to the logging road…. It took three guys, two hours and alot of determination to move that bear up the hill… Without the Game Glides, it would have taken alot longer and the hide would have been destroyed on all the rocks and downed trees.  – Jim W
  • This morning I tagged a beautiful (and heavy!) 8 pt whitetail. Your product suites me ideally because the location that I hunt puts me in position for a two mile drag upon harvest of a deer. Without your product I would still be out there dragging. Game Glide is as important to me when hunting as bullets and I’ll never leave home without it!Steve M
  • “It was fun to use it, it did make dragging much easier, and the benefits of this product are many. I will recommend this product to my clients.  It will become a part of Running Wild Guide Service’s tool from now on.  Good Job” – TJ – Sonoma, CA
  • “Elegant in its simplicity” -Chad – Raleigh, NC
  • “Wow, this deer sled really does help, ALOT !” – Chris – Vienna, WV
  •  “I was skeptical… but it worked.   That special Tough&Slick material really is tough!” – Jake – Dayton, OH
  • “It sure helped my uphill deer drag”  – Dan – Pittsburgh, PA