Are you physically ready for deer season?

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In Shape (physical fitness) for Hunting?

I realize that it is still spring, but it is a GREAT time to get started getting into shape for the coming deer hunting seasons.


Did you know that when deer hunting you can easily be carrying over 50lbs of gear?  Next imagine carrying that and dragging deer or deer dragging out from your secret stand thats over 1/2 mile away from your truck or camp.  This is no place to have a heart attack. Physical health and fitness are essential for a safe deer hunt.

@HuntingNet – suggests some off season exercise routines –

In the spring, I like to begin getting back into shape by hiking to my favorite areas to see how they have changed during the late winter.  We have had record amount of snow this year, so there are many trees down everywhere.

@WiredToHunt  offers a  blog post: Off Season Training for Buck Fever  He adds the great suggestion to also practice shooting your bow after working out.  I will have to try this one this suggestion.  I am a bit older than he, so I will need alot more cardio.

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