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I decided to do another poll, since my prior poll, “Why do you hunt deer?” received a great response.  You can still fill out the “Why do you hunt deer?” poll if you haven’t yet by clicking on the link.  Also, to get the results of either poll, you can just click on their link and it will show you the current results.

I really like creating polls.  I think that they are a useful and quick way to get the pulse of a topic, so be on the lookout for more in the future. I know that you are very busy, so I promise to keep them VERY short and sweet.

And deer hunters please be patient, the Game Glide will be out soon!  It is the hottest new deer drag sled.  It makes dragging deer up to 46% easier.   Don’t pull harder, hunt smarter – Game Glide


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2 Responses to “Very Quick 1-Question Poll: What is your LEAST favorite part of deer hunting?”

  1. Bill says:

    One you didn’t have that we experience here in Muzzleloading season in Kansas is bugs! since the season is in mid to late September, there’s still lots of bugs around. I hate them the most. Hard to sit still when a swarm of mosquitoes are dive bombing you.

  2. Game Glide says:

    Great point Bill. I didn’t think of that one, since I don’t have that problem. I will use BUGS as a write in for “Other.”
    Thank you